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3D Wheel Alignment in Southampton
Modern Garage Services from Salek’s Motors

It is a common misconception that wheel alignment focuses, as one might expect, on the wheels of a car. While this is true to an extent, alignment also focuses on the configuration, positioning and adjustment of the suspension system. Through the suspension, our team aligns the wheels correctly to road surfaces. Our garage in Southampton has invested into advanced 3D wheel alignment technology and provides customers in Eastleigh, Totton and Hampshire with exceptional results.

The team at Salek’s Motors uses wheel alignment as a standard procedure to correct irregularities in driving performance, or as an important add-on to bodywork repairs.

Modern 3D wheel alignment systems like the one we use to work on the cars of our valued Southampton and Hampshire customers have clamps to keep the wheels in place and a computer which provides the technician with precise measurements which relate to specific makes and models. This technical data plays a pivotal role in ensuring good alignment.

As well as bringing measurements back into line to improve the driving experience, an inspection from a trained technician presents a chance to check for worn or damaged parts.


The Purpose of 3D Wheel Alignment

Today’s most modern 3D wheel alignment systems measure data from a minimum of 12 angles over all four wheels, and check against information supplied by the manufacturer. The result of alignment work at our popular Southampton garage is a safer steering and suspension system set up exactly as the manufacturer intended. Newer equipment has greater accuracy than the older two-wheel tracking systems of yesteryear.

When customers from Southampton or the surrounding Eastleigh and Totton areas visit Salek’s Motors for 3D wheel alignment services, they receive all the following benefits:

  • A safer drive caused by enhanced efficiency when cornering or braking
  • Less rolling resistance to improve overall fuel consumption
  • A reduction in how soon tyres wear to save on replacement costs
  • Improved handling with smoother driving and less need for correction
  • Lower emissions because of reduced fuel consumption
  • Less stress on mechanical components to reduce premature wear

Signs that your car might benefit from 3D wheel alignment services at our garage on Wilson Street in Southampton include off-centre steering, an unnatural pull to the left or right, abnormal tyre wear across certain spots, a loose feel in handling and the steering wheel not returning to a central position after completing a full left-hand or right-hand turn.

At Salek’s Motors, we take road safety seriously. Our investment into the industry’s most innovative 3D wheel alignment equipment shows our commitment to our customers.

We are one of the few workshops in or around Southampton to trade as a dedicated Polish garage. While we welcome customers from all corners of the world, our company has Polish-speaking personnel with the ability to explain the 3D wheel alignment process, in familiar terms, which our East European customers can easily and clearly understand. If you are a little more local to Southampton and come from somewhere like Eastleigh or Totton, we are still here to help and advise you.

To discuss 3D wheel alignment with one of Southampton’s friendliest garages, call Salek’s Motors on 02380 335876.