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Gearbox Repairs and ECU Remapping in Southampton
Complete Engine Management

Engine management and car diagnostics both play an important role in the services we provide to motorists in Southampton. Processes which enhance overall vehicle performance, like ECU remapping and car chip tuning, unleash the hidden power in your vehicle and free it from restrictive factory settings. Diagnostics also play a role in engine repairs, particularly manual gearbox repairs and automatic gearbox repairs.

In the past, DPF removal helped to improve performance but, since this process is no longer legal in the UK, our workshop can keep your exhaust system free of soot with DPF cleaning and DPF repairs. DPF stands for “Diesel Particulate Filter”.The growth of car diagnostics began in the 1980s when manufacturers first started fitting an ECU (Engine Control Unit) to certain models. Introduced to improve performance and efficiency, original ECUs managed only a handful of subsystem processes. Fast-forward to today and car diagnostics play a major role in nearly all subsystem and engine repairs.

After completing manual and automatic gearbox repairs at our garage in Southampton, we restore the manufacturer’s factory settings through the ECU. These settings usually limit potential performance because of the UK climate and road laws. ECU remapping and car chip tuning lift these limitations for a smoother, more powerful driving experience.

DPF repairs clear diesel particulate filters of soot through regeneration and provide an alternative to outlawed DPF removal services. When combined with ECU remapping and car chip tuning, DPF repairs also enhance vehicle performance.

ECU Remapping

Manufacturers set a map via the ECU to create factory settings for your car’s country of sale. Many of our Southampton customers find these settings restrictive, especially when they know the same model in another country has much better capabilities. ECU remapping removes factory settings. Our technicians overwrite with a new map unique to your make and model. The results of ECU remapping transform performance.

Drivers notice immediate upturns in response when accelerating and overtaking. Increased BHP and torque also occur. Removal of flat spots during the ECU remapping process ensures smoother power delivery which results in better fuel economy.

If you are ever unhappy with the results of a remap, we keep your old settings on file at our workshop in Southampton and restore parameters back to factory settings on request.

Car Chip Tuning

Prior to the fitting of an ECU on modern vehicles, drivers used performance upgrades mainly built around new component designs. The poor reliability of these parts often resulted in failure and inconvenient engine repairs. On occasion, these parts would “blow” the engine completely and leave the owner facing a steep bill for manual or automatic gearbox repairs.

Even early car chip tuning methods involved a physical change of EEPROM installations.

Today, car chip tuning on multi-programmable chips and MCU tuners results in a cleaner, faster and more reliable ECU remapping service. There are still cars on the road in the Southampton area with EEPROM chips, and we can help in tuning them to optimal levels. Chip tuning relies heavily on car diagnostics and the engine management tooling we use.

DPF Repairs

Changes to MOT legislation in 2014 make DPF removal illegal. Some motorists previously opted for DPF removal services because the on-board regeneration processes used to remove soot at the point of saturation didn’t work particularly well. Today, removing a diesel particulate filter results in an MOT failure. An ill-performing filter, without cleaning or DPF repairs, sometimes results in the need for costlier engine repairs and can even lead to gearbox repairs and rebuilds.

Most motorists in Southampton rarely take their cars to speeds where the particulate filter burns off soot efficiently. DPF repairs simulate different regeneration processes manually and create sufficient heat for those processes to complete properly. Without DPF repairs, the filter fails and you will need to come to Salek’s Motors for a full replacement.

Engine Repairs and Gearbox Repairs

Our Southampton workshop specialises in engine repairs, such as the replacement of moving parts. Our technicians also have vast experience in the two fields of manual and automatic gearbox repairs. Most basic engine repairs rely on what most people consider standard mechanical practices. Manual and automatic gearbox repairs on newer models fitted with an ECU, however, make use of modern car diagnostics at some point.

Salek’s Motors’ frequent investment into engine management equipment endorsed by Bosch Autocrew and the Autofirst Network makes us a preferred choice for manual and automatic gearbox repairs in Southampton and all Hampshire areas.

Our customers in these areas also rely on us for traditional engine repairs and for car servicing. Find further information on our garage services by visiting our company blog.

To discuss engine repairs, DPF repairs and car chip tuning with Southampton’s friendliest garage, call Salek’s Motors on 02380 335876.