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Polski Garaz in Southampton Polish Garage in Southampton

At Salek’s Motors, we love Southampton and the surrounding Eastleigh, Totton and Hampshire areas. In fact, we’re proud to call England our home. As a company, we can’t think of a better place to own a garage or anybody better than the valued customers we serve. While most visitors to our workshop are native English speakers, we’re very aware that the region has a strong influx of settlers from different locations across Eastern Europe. This includes some of our own staff.

For this reason, we proudly operate as a dedicated Polish garage (Polski Garaz).

The automotive sector has a complexity that sometimes makes it difficult for some of our Polish customers to understand specific terminology. In our role as a “Polski Garaz”, we explain core services such as MOT testing and car diagnostics in a language these customers understand. We also provide helpful assistance for Russians and Lithuanians.


Settling into a new country isn’t always easy and, as hard as one might try to learn a new language quickly, it takes many months and years to grasp the more complex terms which surround the motor trade. A Polski Garaz helps settlers to drive on UK roads safely and legally, whilst familiarising them with terms they’ll need when booking in for future work.

Having a Polish garage available in Southampton keeps these customers local, which we believe is particularly important for the area’s economy and for businesses like our own.

Benefits of using a Polish garage (Polski Garaz) include:

  • Helping to build a positive and popular profile of the Polish community
  • Easy access to the correct services for your make and model of car
  • Keeping within UK laws to avoid the risk of fines and fixed penalties
  • A better understanding of the services at our popular Southampton workshop
  • Simple communication through a friendly Polish-speaking member of staff
  • Keeping services local by supporting small businesses in your own area
  • Learning the terminology to access garage services more easily in the future

If you live in Southampton, Eastleigh, Totton or any other location in the Hampshire area as a recent settler, and if you could benefit from the services of a genuine “Polski Garaz”, please call in to see us at the earliest opportunity.

Alternatively, speak to us in Polish over the telephone.

And, if you want to talk to us about our garage services in English but struggle with certain terms and phrases, please don’t worry. Everybody starts somewhere, and we’ll do whatever we can to make the experience of talking in a second language feel as natural, and as comfortable, as possible.

To discuss services with Southampton’s friendliest “Polski Garaz”, call Salek’s Motors on 02380 335876.