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Manual Engine and Automatic Gearbox Repairs
in Totton from a Polish Garage

Using an Audi, BMW or Mercedes specialist to work on a German model doesn’t have to cost a fortune, especially if you come from Totton and don’t mind making the short trip to one of Southampton’s most popular workshops. Salek’s Motors delivers the traditional garage services you’d expect from a company in the automotive sector, including car servicing, engine repairs, MOT testing, car diagnostics and bodywork repairs.

We are one of the best local choices for automatic gearbox repairs, a service that some mechanics and technicians in the Totton area prefer to avoid because of their complexity.

Speaking of complexity, we understand that some of our customers will only have a vague idea of the processes which go into our garage services. Others, especially those of Polish descent, might be a little more aware but won’t have the language skills needed to fully converse with an English-speaking technician, or to fully grasp what they plan to do.

Book in for servicing, engine repairs or MOT testing with an independent Audi, BMW or Mercedes specialist, such as Salek’s Motors, for clearness and clarity. We have personnel who speak Polish as a first language, and who can help East European customers from Totton; a very important benefit, particularly with complex work like automatic gearbox repairs.

Help with MOT Testing

Coming to a new country and settling down in an area such as Totton presents many new challenges for our Polish customers. Once they start driving in the UK, there’s even more to learn. Those with a German car aged three years or older will need an Audi, BMW or Mercedes specialist for a wide range of different garage services, one of which is MOT testing. This is a legal requirement and one of our most important services.

MOT testing consists of different safety, roadworthiness and emission checks which, if the vehicle passes, subsequently qualifies the vehicle for a one-year certificate. MOT testing failures which undergo the required repair work here at Salek’s Motors will automatically qualify for a free re-test.

Help with Engine Repairs

The terminology for garage services in the UK varies greatly from the words and phrases our Polish customers from Totton might already know from their home country. It is very much the same with parts and components so, if you need an Audi, BMW or Mercedes specialist for engine repairs, you’ll need a Polish-speaking technician to explain the work taking place.

Some terms used to provide certain services, like alternator, head gasket and starter motor, might be unfamiliar to you.

We’re as meticulous in describing the work behind our engine repairs as we are with our explanations of MOT testing. It’s inevitable that some things won’t always make perfect sense, especially if you are still learning English, so we’re here to help bridge the language gap and make life a little easier.

Help with Automatic Gearbox Repairs

Driving a German car with manual transmission is very different to driving an automatic model. While driving a manual car is slightly more complex, engine repairs on this type of vehicle aren’t as involved as those on automatic alternatives. In fact, automatic gearbox repairs require such a high level of mechanical skill, aptitude and knowledge that some workshops in the Totton area don’t include them within their basic range of garage services.

So, imagine how complex automatic gearbox repairs might be for a Polish customer with only a limited control of the English language. Having a Polish-speaking Audi, BMW or Mercedes specialist to hand makes the entire repair process simpler.

If you need help and assistance with translation from Polish to English, or simply want to know more about MOT testing, manual engine repairs or automatic gearbox repairs, Salek’s Motors want to hear from you. We’re a trusted Polish garage for the Southampton and Totton areas but we also extend a warm welcome to all other nationalities living in Hampshire.

To discuss car servicing, engine repairs and MOT testing with one of the friendliest garages in the Totton area, call Salek’s Motors on 02380 335876.